VOLUTE SERVICE International

Dedicated to service and music education

After 15 happy years working in the music instrument/accessory industry, first with Bam Cases and then with D'Addario (www.linkedin.com), I created Volute ("scroll" in French) to combine my love of  playing music and my long lasting interest in multicultural and international exchange.

No doubt about it, playing music makes our world better: it keeps kids off the streets, tightens communities, gathers nationalities, contributes to personal, intellectual and emotional development … In these times of financial hardship and budget cuts, I want Volute to contribute to music playing by providing an active interface between music instrument/accessory makers and orchestral string instrument players.

With 25 years of experience in export sales and marketing (all the while active as an avid amateur violist/violinist), I have built a strong and trusted network of music instrument/accessory manufacturers, distributors, retailers and influential musicians in the US and abroad. Technology puts the entire globe at our fingertips but successful business still depends on human interaction. I created Volute to service the needs of an extraordinary  niche, the world of orchestral string instruments (violin, viola, cello and double bass). I offer human-sized businesses the world over face-to-face interaction to customize solutions for their particular needs

And now, let's play !
Claire Stefani
Volute founder

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