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Chin/shoulder rest diagnostic sessions


Could it be your chin/shoulder rest set-up?!



  • 15 years of experience with orchestral string instrument accessories (cases, strings) 
  • Ex-international field hockey player, now avid amateur violist
  • Experienced playing pain, found playing freedom and comfort through appropriate set-up and posture correction exploration.

  • Valid study run in the Netherlands (violinistinbalance.nl), documents the benefits of customized chin and shoulder set-up to accommodate a wide array of players’ body structure
  • Access to inexpensive customized chinrests (chinrests.com) designed to accommodate all body types while keeping the instrument no higher than needed
  • Can efficiently complement but never replace posture education and correction, Alexander Technique, Body Mapping (bodymap.org), Feldenkrais, or other postural training


I am neither an instrument teacher nor a health care provider! Sessions last one hour are all about a diagnostic of what could contribute to a tension-free playing posture, specifically addressing the chin/shoulder rest set-up. Musicians will have the chance to try various chinrest heights, shapes and positions, shoulder rest options, ergonomic stools while exploring greater movement freedom each may provide.

Sessions may result in:
  • Ordering a customized chinrest => directly through Gary Frisch/Chinrests.com, based on fitting realized during the session
  • Recommendation on other tools facilitating posture exploration
  • Referral to Performing Arts Medicine (PAMA) Physical Therapists familiar with violinist/violist postural issues, or to Pilates, Alexander, Body Mapping specialists

I learned so much at our meeting and have been applying it every day to my practice … and also outside of it! 
March 2014 – Davis

Thank you so much for meeting with me and for literally changing my life in under an hour! Thank you. I really appreciate the recommendations and also your sincere enthusiasm for what you do

May 2014 - JoAnna

Thank you so much. It's done so much for my awareness already and my practice sessions since have been a bit stop-start-corrective. I'm so looking forward to getting my violin set up anew and working towards greater freedom and mobility in playing.

June 2014 – Jane

Thanks for all these useful information. I tried what you wrote for me today. It is very helpful. It makes my body relaxed. Actually after this session I hold my violin differently! Therefore, my chin exactly stands where it should stands, right on the chinrest! Not like before.
August, 2014 – Golnaz

I really enjoyed the session!  You are very good at what you do. Thank you so much for all your help and insightful observations!
Oct 2014 – Karl

It was wonderful to meet you! Our session has given me a lot to think about
Nov 2014 – Jacob

Thank you for a very inspiring session. I can't wait to get started with the new chin rest and exploring all the possibilities further. 
Jan 2015 – Karin

I just received Mr. Frisch's chinrest today.  The chinrest, along with the posture exercises we have been working has already changed a lot of the tension in my back and shoulders.  I'm really excited to experiment with this free and loose sound that I am developing.
Jan 2015 – Robert

The fitting with you was a truly great experience. I have to express my deepest gratitude to you for enabling this great quest in search of more comfort. It's been inspiring to work with you.
Jan 2015 – Peter

Thank to you and Gary for your terrific service. Your expertise and quality product is truly first rate. I will keep you cards handy and pass them out. 
Jan 2015 – Harold

Thank you so much for your enlightening session - I learned a lot! You have been very helpful.
Mar 9, 2015 – Cathy

Thanks so much Claire. I found the process very interesting and I liked your obvious commitment and holistic approach.
April 2015 - Greg

Thanks so much for all the info!  It was extremely helpful meeting with you yesterday and I appreciate your insight and experience very much.  I'm sure the new chinrest will be an improvement as well as the ideas about anatomy, musculature and awareness.
June 2015 – Yurika

WOW! This is so promising! Thanks so much.
June 2015 – Evelyne

Thank you so much for your advice! It was incredibly helpful and, hopefully, the beginning of more comfortable playing.
July 2015 – Kate

I have already found the changes to be immensely helpful. The chin rest Gary made is absolutely gorgeous and I am loving it!! I will continue to explore and am confident that I am moving in the right direction and am feeling better about my abilities than I have in a while. So thank you so very much for that!!
Dec 2015 – Melissa

I can't thank you enough for all this!  I really was beginning to wonder how long I'd be able to keep playing with all the tension and discomfort. You're a lifesaver!!
Dec 2015 – David

I will not forget our time together: transformative. You rock and roll!!
Jan 2016 – Erik

Thanks for all you do to help students and teachers achieve more comfort in playing.  Keep going!
Jan 2016 – Nancy

Since our session, I have been experimenting with my set-up as we discussed. More significantly, I have been focusing on becoming aware of supporting the violin on the collarbone and relying much less on the shoulder.  This isn't a new concept for me, but I think at this point in my life I'm more ready for the message. To my surprise, this technique modification isn't as impossible as I had feared.  Encouragingly, I experienced markedly less arm pain, freer vibrato and better endurance.  I'm very happy about that!!    I'm definitely going to continue with this "exploration," as you called it.Thank you again!
Feb 2016 – Laurie

Thank you for the session. I am so enthusiastic to start my work with all the understanding you have given me.
April 2016 – Levi    


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